What is a Foot Slave?

A foot slave in a photoshoot
In the BDSM community, slaves are people who have willingly and consensually give up their agency to follow the orders of someone else submissively. A foot slave is a slave who does this because he or she worships the feet of their dom.

Yes, feet are one of the more common fetishes, but a foot slave takes it to an entirely new level. A foot slave will happily do anything his or her master wishes, just for the knowledge that a good job will result in him or her getting to feel the master’s feet, and maybe even lick them and taste them.

For a foot slave, there’s nothing more intimate and alluring than being able to hold someone else’s feet. For the master, having a slave worship their feet is both empowering and satisfying. The relationship between the two is based on a strong emotional connection, established through the physical contact of the feet.

Watch Whiplr Elite Domina Jaguar explain how intimacy can come from such a relationship: