Whiplr FAQ

1) Competitions on Whiplr

Whiplr is starting to hold photo competitions that are open to anyone with the app. Submit your photo to a themed competition and get your friends and followers to vote for you in Whiplr. The winner will be the photo that gets the most likes. Some competitions will be open across the globe, while some will be restricted to the people attending a particular kink event.

To enter a competition, you need to upload a photo through your profile, through the Shots section or through the event page (for an event-based competition). If there’s a competition going on, you’ll can choose whether or not to submit your photo.

The more likes you get, the more chances you have to win, so make sure you share your photo with everyone you know! Use the Share button at the top right-hand of the screen. If you tap it, you’ll be able to share this photo with people inside and outside the app.

Our competitions offer exciting prizes and the opportunity to be seen by the largest mobile kink community in the world!

Check out the app for competition details!

2) New Features

With over 500,000 downloads, we have implemented many improvements to the new version of Whiplr that will be available for iOS and Android from May 16, 2016.

We have been listening! This version is a complete rebuild from ground up, with performance improvements, greater stability and some amazing new features!


Each profile can now upload up to 100 photos in different themes! You can also see what other members uploaded in the new Shots feed.

Group Chat

Planning a munch or just a get together? Now you can set up a Group Chat to coordinate everything!


The event feature now offers more information – don’t just see who’s attending, you can now group chat with attendees before, during and after the event and share your photos of the events with others to keep your best moments on Whiplr.


We are introducing a user-to-user system to increase user reliability. You can validate another person in Whiplr to show that you really know each other. Other people can also see who has validated you.


All system messages will now appear in a new tab in the chat window (See who validated you, who liked your pics, etc.)

Unlimited Swipe

Swiping between profiles is now unlimited for all users!

3) Who are the Whiplr Elite?

The Whiplr Elite are BDSM and fetish trendsetters and connoisseurs – they might be professional domes or masters, educators, artists or models. They command the highest levels of respect, and are valued for everything they have done to contribute to our community.

4) How do I become one of the Whiplr Elite?

If you believe that you have what it takes to be one of the Whiplr Elite then:

  • Download the latest version of Whiplr for iOS or Android
  • Create your profile
  • Get in touch with us either through the app or by emailing us at elites@whiplr.com

5) How can I make money with Whiplr?

Affiliate Program

Whiplr Affiliates are a crucial part of Whiplr’s success, being virtual partners with Whiplr. Get people to download and sign up and make money for every person you refer with your unique link. You can easily sign-up through our Affiliate website and start earning money for every referral.

Gift Program

The Gift Program we introduced a few months ago allows a select group of our Whiplr Elite users to receive a revenue share for the in-app tributes they receive. The more time you spend in Whiplr, the more you will receive.

6) What else is Whiplr doing to help the community?

Whiplr is committed to serving the BDSM community. If you are planning a BDSM meetup, munch, class or any kind of event, we would love to talk with you about how Whiplr can get involved. To learn more, get in touch at help@whiplr.com

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